01-28-2009 Wednesday

B- 2 coffee HC CO AS
2 slices Healthy Life Toast w/ butter
1 sausage patty, 1 oz cheese

L-2 slices ham
1 1/2 T cream cheese
onion, lettuce (pictured in yesterdays menu)

SN- 4 ritz - 1 oz cheese

D- 3 oz pork steak, 1 carb catchup
1/3 bag cauliflower w/ butter, onion, french onion dip

SN-1 oz beef stick (only made out of turkey, not beef)
2 saltines


Sleep= 3 (range 0-10)
UGH! not much sleep..

Mood= 3 (range 0-10)

Steps = Pedometer reset itself

**JUST FYI- I may go MIA for a few days. Don't be worried, I'll be back. My brother is having some medical issues and I want to be with him. So I may not have time to post. I'll keep track of my menus and post them when I can.

There is definitely a correlation between my sleeping and my mood. I think this bout of insomnia is due to worrying over my brother (if you got any prayers, could you send one up -thanks) and worrying over driving in all this snow. (It took me an hour and forty minutes to drive to work this morning. Usually takes fifty minutes.)

I keep waking and not being able to quit my mind. I've always known that being tired is a trigger for me to eat things I shouldn't. I wanted to just go to Arby's today and get a super sandwich. I DID NOT!!!! The thought of having our Valentine meal kept me on the straight and narrow. So for nothing else, THAT is working for me. It is working for hubby too. He is down to 211 now. He is 6'3" and his highest weight was 250.


Vadim said...

Good job on staying away from junk! both you and your husband lost weight, nice team work!

Harry said...

I'll hope and pray for the best for your brother, Jo. I'm sorry that you're both going through tough times.

I think your diet is looking great. Good job putting the pedometer to use. You and Vadim are setting a great example. :)

Stay strong and keep up all your good work! The same goes for your husband! Sounds like he's doing eggsellent too!

Oct said...

Best wishes for your brother. I hope the snow melts for us Sunday ... it's supposed to be warm enough to start melting on that day. I was nearly the only one who made it to work yesterday (my 35ish minute drive took an hour and a half! crazy).

Get some sleep if you can.

bayoubabe said...

Yes, prayers to your brother. Post when you can !:)