01-30-2009 Friday

B- 1 coffee HC CO AS
2 Healthy Life LC toast w/butter
1 egg
SF Tang/2 T flaxseed

L-Ham Roll ups
5 baby dill pickles
1 oz cheese

sn-1 oz cheese, 4 ritz

D-Local Restaurant
10 oz steak w/ 1 T catchup,
small salad (letuce, cukes, tomato wedge, cheese, bacon, egg, ranch)
2 bites crab ragoon
3 shrimp

SN-SF Jello, whipping cream, 1 strawberry
2 bites beef stick, 2 bites string cheese


Sleep= 9 (range 0-10)
Slept better than I have in a month or more

Mood= 9 (range 0-10)
Still flying high on yesterdays good news!!!

Hubby and I went out to eat last night with my son. We ran in to my best friend and her hubby there. Ended up going back to their place and played games until 5 a.m. We really had a LOT of fun!


Harry said...

Your weight is continuing to fall! How great is that?

I noticed the playing cards. What's your game of choice?

My wife and I are big-time poker lovers. We mostly play the "hold 'em" variation of the game.

Keep up the good work, Jo! You're doing a wonderful job.

I'm happy to see you got some good rest last night too! :)

NewVision said...

Hey Harry,
It is great that my weight is going down. Isn't it funny the pattern it seems to take, nothing, than all of a sudden drops a few pounds at a time. I'm glad I'm watching the scale daily or I would have missed that pattern.

Game of choice last night was a card game called Hand & Foot and another one played with cards and a board called Sequence we really had a lot of fun. We also like the game Skip-Bo. Hubby and I both agreed we need to do that more.

Thanks for visiting Harry.