01-16-09 Friday / 01-17-09 Saturday

I almost didn't post this, as you know I've been trying to work on my positive side. But if this is to be a TRUE Time Capsule to myself then it must be posted. So here goes-

Friday I woke up mad at the world. Now, there was no reason to be mad at all. I don't think I had any bad dreams. I didn't sleep well AGAIN. I was up and down a lot in the night. No one upset me the day before. I don't have any reason to be angry at all with anyone. Woke with a stuffy nose, sore throat from having my mouth open in an attempt to breath. The first half hour of my day was spent coughing and hacking, blowing and wiping. I jumped on the scale and it read 244. Which is where I was on 12-19-08. I haven't lost ANYTHING for a month. My own fault I suppose, I haven't been perfect with my WOE. But I can't help but think that the times when I was on track should have accounted for SOMETHING. I mean I was on plan a lot more than I was off. I've been starved for the past few days!!! I didn't go whole hog eating wise. Doesn't that count? I guess the scales don't think so.
It was cold out. 16 below zero (that was Fahrenheit) the wind chill was somewhere in the range of 30 below zero. I was suppose to take my husband's truck to work as my car heater usually quits working at the zero range and I have an hour commute both to and from work. He had the breaks go out on his truck on his way home, so to the cold car it was. I froze. I wanted my old crutch. Carbs!
Work was VERY hectic. I really wanted my old crutch!
After work my hubby called. The water was froze at the rental property. Remember he is at home with a truck that is broke down and I am an hour away. His Mom & Dad had called him too, their water was froze. A good friend down the road had called...yep, you guessed it, her water was froze. I really wanted my old crutch!
When I finally got home we loaded the heater. Crammed the back doors shut in order for it to fit in my little car. After a couple of hours we got everyones water flowing again. Hubby decides we should just go out for dinner as we were both starving, tired and freezing. We drive to the next town north to our favorite Low Carb spot and THEY HAVE CLOSED THEIR DOORS - for good! Ok, by this time I just want to cry and I REALLY want my old crutch.

Did I go get my old crutch -carbs? YES, I did.
Do I feel guilty about it? No, I don't
Will I later? probably, but right now I don't care.....
Did I enjoy it? YES I DID!!!!!!

01-16-09 Friday
B- 1 coffee HC CO AS

L- Walmart Deli
4 oz walmart chicken

D- Arby's Restaurant
1 - 1/2 Arby's supper w/ mayo
1 large curly fries with about 1/2 of another small order,
with cup of cheese

Ok, I'm editing this to add that Saturday has not turned out much better.
Not much sleep last night.
In the middle of this post we lost our power. Power was out for 2 1/2 hours. Did it get cold in the house?
YES! IT DID!!!!!!!!
Waters all froze again. Truck is STILL not fixed as it turned out to be a brake caliper and not a brake line as we had hoped. My son came in for the weekend sicker than he left last weekend. (He had sinus infection last weekend.) Had to take him to the doctor AGAIN. This time doc said it was vertigo. More meds for him. Doctor said it was okay for him to return to school, so at least he won't get behind there. He said he can return to work but no machinery, he is a fork lift driver for Menard's. So, I'm not sure how thats gonna work. I still want my old crutch.....

I also know that what happened was no excuse. Things happen in the world that are out of our control. I know that I should have been in more control of myself. Truth is I was weak.
Not positive at all. Our favorite restaurant closing was my last straw. Boo hoo boo hoooooo!
OK, I have vented. Sorry if it is something you were not expecting...

I will post the rest of Saturdays menus later on....
right now it has not been pretty....

B- 1 coffee half/half CO AS

L- 2 oranges
4 oz potato chips

D-Arby's Restaurant
1 - 1/2 Arby's supper w/ mayo
1 large curly fries (didn't eat them all
with cup of cheese

SN- 1 orange


Harry said...

Sorry these past few days have been so brutal, NewVision! Jeepers!

Please hang in there. Just ride out the worst of it and then try and get back on track. We'll be here to support you! :)

NewVision said...

Thank you SOOOOOO much for your undying support. You don't know how much it means. ((((HUGS))))