01-18-09 Sunday

B- 2 c coffee HC/CO/AS

L-3 hot dogs w/ 1 carb catchup
1/2 slice homemade bread *
2 slices pizza

D-15 meatballs
few bits medley veggies
1 small potato w/butter & French onion dip

SN- banana

Feeling better today. I actually slept 4 hours straight through last night. I still have my sinus issues going on but they seem to be better as well. I'm posting this early on Sunday morning and will edit it later to add in foods eaten. I just wanted the negative post to not be on top....LOL I know, I'm silly like that. I don't want to be known as the Debby Downer of the bunch. But, when I first decided to do this blogging thing I decided that I would post no matter what, good, bad and ugly. It would be a true time capsule. Someday I will be able to look back at this and say I made it. It wasn't an easy road as you can see, but I made it and you can too. Hopefully I will be able to help others as others have helped me. Thanks for your support everyone!

* 1st attempt at homemade bread failed. I forgot to activate the yeast. I will try again.

Update on my son: He is still very sick. He called in to work for tomorrow. He doesn't have school tomorrow. No way could he drive the 100 + miles back to his apartment as dizzy as he is. He has been in bed since he came in on Saturday (except for the doctors visit). Doctor said the meds take about 3 days to work. Tomorrow will be day 3 of taking meds. It's been a LONG time since anything has kept him down this much. I think if he is not feeling any better by tomorrow I will give the doctor another call.


Harry said...

Good day, Jo.

I think it's great that you posted honestly - about your tough times. We all go throw difficulties. Understanding that we're not alone can help, in my experience.

I sure hope your son is better today.

Stay strong, my friend. Battle against the tough times. Show 'em who's boss! :) We'll be behind you all the way. Count on it!

bayoubabe said...

Are you making it in the bread machine or by hand ?

Sorry to hear about your son. Ours are home from school today for MLK holiday.

Be good ! I enjoy reading your time capsules.

NewVision said...

Thanks Harry!

We are heading back to the doctor today for my son. I will post later about that.

I used my bread machine & the ricipe you posted.....
Any tips?

bayoubabe said...

Have you baked the bread yet ? How did it come out ??

I'd say add a pinch or more of salt and definitely keep to the splenda proportions if not more.

Someone recommened to put some cinnamon in it ? Might try that later.. Post some pics of that bread. Have a great day !

NewVision said...

I have not made the 2nd loaf yet. I think it may have to wait til next weekend. I don't have the vital wheat gluten flour, so I have to pick some of that up.
We are still eating (hubby is anyway) on the loaf I made. It's heavy but taste ok. I'm hoping it will taste a lil better once I make it correctly.
I did take pics of the 1st loaf but don't have them downloaded yet. I will post pics of the 2nd loaf for sure.