1-2-09 Friday

B-2 coffee HC CO AS

L-10 Ritz w/ cheese ball
1 cup milk

D-1 serving potato cass., 6 meatballs w/bbq sauce
2 handfuls Tortilla Chips w/velvetta salsa dip

SN-1 1/2 servings potato cass.
6 meatballs

I really didn't eat a whole lot today.
I have this thing about having left overs. I HATE to throw food away. I have learned something new about myself. I CAN NOT keep left overs from a party. I will be sending them home with other people from now on.


Erika said...

Hi NewVision,

The menu isn't looking so strong today... are the leftovers to blame?? hehehe

I used to have this problem, it's the way I've been brought up. My compromise is to leave them in the fridge until they go off, and then I have 'permission' to throw it away. How sad!

If you can give them away to others like you say, definitely do it! :)


Harry said...

Howdy, NewVision.

I think you ended today's post on just the right note.

This year, I kindly refused any leftovers. Part of the reason was because we were embarking on a trip shortly after Christmas. But, it was still as struggle to leave my parent's home empty-handed.

The thing that I'm realizing is this: It's more important for both me and my loved ones that I take proper care of myself. If some food spoils. Then it spoils. It's better for it to spoil in the trash than to spoil inside of me!

That's my philosophy anyhow. :)

NewVision said...

Thanks Erika for visiting my blog. I know it's funny how we were brought up affect our lives so greatly. We didn't have alot when we were kids and to let left overs spoil was a SIN.. Sometimes we were lucky to have them. If not for them, we would not have eaten that day.

Harry, (posted this over at your blog as well)
I wanted to thank you for your kind words. You ALWAYS know just what to say when I'm down. Thanks for not being judgmental. Your right, it is better to let the left overs spoil in the trash then to spoil inside of me. Thank you for that, I will be repeating it to myself over and over. :) Thanks!

Are you a Dad or a Uncle? Cause I bet you make a great one!

I just have to remember that the money is already spent on those left overs, whether going in the trash or inside of me, isn't going to change a thing other than for my health.