1-1-09 Thursday NEW YEARS DAY !!!

--My Planned day off-- But I did not let myself go into binge mode!

B-2 coffee HC CO AS

L-1 sausage, cheese biscuit, 1 hash brown
4 meatballs w/bbq sauce

D-1 small toasting cup of white grape juice, 10 meatballs w/bbq sauce, 2 servings of potato casserole, few bites noodles, hand full of chips w/ cheese salsa dip

SN-1/2 of a small piece Cousin Joans famous choc cake, 1/2 of a small piece Cousin Sharron's Cheesecake. I'm talking 4 bites each here, Hubby helped me eat the rest.

<--Big Sigh--> The holidays are officially over!!!!
My worse time of the year for staying LC. While I wasn't perfect by no means. Believe me when I say, this holiday season wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been and has been in the past. I feel like I accomplished a lot by at least staying focused. Even though their were plenty of days when I could have done better, in the end I still woke the next morning trying to stay LC for THAT day and trying to do better than the day before. Years past would have been VERY different. I would finally say 'Heak with it' and throw in the towel, eating everything that was in front of me at the time and I do mean EVERYTHING!! It would be weeks, sometimes months before I got the mentality back to get back on that LC Wagon.

I know a lot of you out there probably think I've really failed my LC lifestyle this holiday season. If that is how you feel, then you are right. I didn't do as well as I could have. But I choose to look at it in another light, I didn't do as bad as I could have. Isn't that what changing your life is all about, making better choices. I started this blog as a time capsule for myself. SOOoooo many times I would make it on the other side of the holidays (or whatever) and think 'What in the world happened to me??' This blog has really helped me stay focused. (Thanks Jimmy for suggesting it)
Thank you all for checking in with me. I feel like I have people out there who truly know what I'm going thou. Thank you for not judging me. (Which was my biggest fear when starting this blog.) Nobody likes to be judged, I don't like to be judged.

Now that the holidays are over and my big New Years Day party. (Hosted to 45+ people this year) I will be coming around to check to see how others made it through. Sorry I haven't been making my rounds. Family is on their way back home and I'm really revved to get moving down on those scales.

Thank You!!

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