1-03-09 Saturday

B- 2 coffee HC CO AS

L-2 eggs, 1 sausage patty, 1 oz cheese
1 oz walnuts

D-O'Leary's Pub Restaurant
1 cup beer cheese soup
1 ultimate burger, 3 strips bacon, cheese, mayo(no bun)

SN-10 ritz w/cheeseball
20z tortilla chips w/ cheese salsa dip

WT-forgot ~sorry
I was doing pretty good up until late night, then got the munchies really bad. I threw away the chips after eating those 2 oz. they won't tempt me again tomorrow. It is SO hard for me to do that. You don't even know how hard. As a child we did not have extra food to throw out. If we threw food out then we didn't eat. We were lucky to have what we did.

My hubby had a few suggestion for next years party. (I REALLY like suggestion #2 best)
1)We will find a family to give them to. We know a few struggling families and will be passing stuff like that on next time.
2) Only fix the thing we can eat. (or that we can send home with our son)
The meat balls, chicken wings, Veggie tray all were a good start. The cheese ball and cheese dip was okay, but not with the crackers and chips (crackers and chips will go home with someone else). This years left over brownies went home with our son, for him and his college room mate.

We have a whole year to plan next years party.
It's all about what works for you. Just like with the Halloween candy, I learned a long time ago to just buy the stuff I don't like. Then I'm not tempted by it and we still get to give out to our trick-or-treaters.

<-raising my SF grape juice glass-->Heres to all of us finding our way through our little hang ups this year. May we all find our way. <-tip glass and drank->

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