12-31-08 Wednesday

B- 1 c coffee HC CO AS

L- (2 pm)1/2 celery stalk w/peanut butter

D-Ryan's Steak House Restaurant
(8pm)1 salad plate-
lettuce, spinash, cheese, cukes, tomatoes, onion, bacon,egg, ranch
1 pickle spear (ate only 3/4 of it)
1 dinner plate-
6 oz sirloin steak, catchup, 1/2 potato w/onion and catchup, 1 corn muffin w/ butter, 1/2 c corn

SN-1oz walnuts

Waited FAR too long to eat today, then made some questionable choices. I was on my feet running around ALL day until late in the evening then slowed down to eat something by then I was STARVED.


bayoubabe said...

Have a Blessed New Year, New Vision !

Erika said...

Hi NewVision,

The menu isn't tooooo bad. :)

Is there a way you can avoid getting into that situation again?

NewVision said...

You Too!!!!!
Happy New Year!

It was just one of those flukes, I tried to eat around 2pm because I was hungry then and got interrupted (only got in 1/2 stalk celery and thats because I just shoved it in while walking) Things should calm down now that family has all gone home. Thanks!