01-05-09 Monday

B- 2 coffee HC CO AS
2 oz walnuts

L-veggies w/ ranch dip
1 small bowl veggie soup - no meat -but did add butter for the fat
8 Ritz w/ butter

D-Mashed Cauliflower w/ onion & sour cream
10 Meatballs w/bbq sauce

SN-4 Ritz w/butter
1 bowl veggie soup w/ 4 saltines and butter (meat in it this time)

Spent the day with my hubby, cleaning and playing on the internet. It's so nice to have days like that. Nothin much to do just enjoying it and each other.

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Lynn said...

I like your site-the color and snowflakes are very nice.
What I started doing with chips, cookies, etc. is let the family eat them for awhile, then throw the rest out. If someone gives you a huge batch of cookies (they did,) that doesn't mean you must eat every single one of them. The family enjoyed about half and I dumped the rest. I did feel bad in a way, but...now they aren't there for me to have to see every day and imagine how good they taste and how I could eat about 50 at a time!ha.