01-05-09 Monday

B- 2 coffee HC CO AS

L- 1 oz Turkey sticks
1 oz cheddar cheese
2 oz walnuts

D-8 oz round steak w/ one carb catchup
1/2 bag medley veggies w/ velvetta cheese
4 saltines w/butter

SN-4 oz half/half- 4 oz water- 1 T cocoa - 2 AS - w/heavy whipping cream on top
--Yummo made me feel like I was cheating..



Erika said...

Great menu!! Keep up the good work :)

Harry said...

A nice day's menu, NewVision. Well done, IMO.

I love hot cocoa too. One of my happiest discoveries, of the past few years, is the health benefits of cocoa. :)

I see Jimmy's been having some hot cocoa lately too. I guess it's cold all around, eh?

pooti said...

Hey girl, what's a turkey stick? Inquiring minds and all!

You know what I love as much as hot cocoa? Celestial seasonings has a gorgeous tea called Gingerbread Spice I think. I love having that as a hot toddy with a dollop of cream some time. You don't even need a sweetener with it!

NewVision said...

Thanks, Erika I see your working pretty hard yourself. :)

I'm really hooked on the cocoa now....It really hits the spot. I'm trying different ways to make it, see if I can get the best taste for the lowest calorie buck...LOL

They are like beef sticks only made out of turkey....LOL sorry about that. Not sure if that clears it up for you or not. :)

Thanks you all for visiting....