01-27-2009 Tuesday

B- 2 coffee HC CO AS
2 LC Healthy life toast w/butter
1 sausage patty
1 oz cheese

L-2 slices Ham
1 1/2 T. cream cheese
onion, lettuce all rolled up

D-6 oz hamburger
onion, tomato, lettuce, cheese, sour cream
in a bowl all mixed together

SN-1 Russell Stover SF Toffee
8 ritz, 1 oz cheese, 1 T butter


Sleep= 5 (range 0-10)
Woke at 4 a.m. and could not shut my mind off to go back to sleep. Ugh!
Mood =7 (range 0-10)
Trying to keep upbeat. Feeling good about my diet plan. I know what I'm doing and were I'm going. That always helps.
Steps= 7989

It was back to work for me. I love being off, but it is sure hard to go back. I sure wish I was in a place to be able to stay home everyday with my niece. My hubby stayed home with her today. I know we are spoiling her, when she is here she gets our undivided attention. We know we are VERY lucky to have a sitter that cares so much for her and loves her like we do. But I still wish it was me.... :( They are only little once. :)


bayoubabe said...

I love the ham rolls ! What a unique way to minus the bread. I'm going to try that. :)


NewVision said...

They were very good! I use the cream cheese to 'glue' them together...LOL