01-26-2009 Monday (- home today)

B- 1 coffee HC CO AS
2 eggs, 1 hot dog,cheese omelet
2 LC Healthy Life bread w/ butter

L-1 hot dog -2 saltines

D-2 1/2 eggs scrambled w/ HC
6 oz polish sausage
2 LC Healthy life bread

SN-1 Russel Stovers Toffee
6 ritz w/ butter

WT=oops forgot !

Sleep= 3 (range 0-10)
Not much sleep

Mood=woke 5, but by the end of the day 8 (range 0-10)

I was home today with my niece. Her sitter is sick so Auntie came to the rescue. We had a great time (as usual). We decided to make a Gingerbread house and decorate it. She really liked it and got it all over her, so after that it was bath time..LOL
Pictures of my niece and our day here......

I'm feeling much better and more in control of this WOE. Don't really know what has brought it on, maybe just having a plan. Our next scheduled day off will be Valentines Day, or whenever we choose to celebrate it. (not much for crowds) So, just the thought of that today kept me from even licking my fingers during our Gingerbread making. Makes me feel good and in control. So that is the plan for now.

I ended up staying home all day with my niece. Long story short, she is still with me (it's now Tuesday morning). So I didn't take the walk I had intended to. Hopefully I will have better numbers for you tomorrow. Your numbers were great. Keep it up! :)


bayoubabe said...

Sounds like yall had fun :) Let me know when you get your groove on lol :)

I'm contemplating a 'sugar free' Valentine's Day ..

Vadim said...

What az precious little girl! I love kids, loooooooooooooove them! They are so removed from our ego-maniac adult world! That smile just brightened my day, trully did! I had a horrible day nutritionally, but still managed to get 10000 steps. I am comitted to keep stepping and may be one day my diet will come along for the ride!

Erika said...

Hi NewVision,

Sounds like a great day, cute pics :)

Nice and strong menu too. Planning ahead, even if things happen, I think is a wonderful step in making the progress you want.

NewVision said...

Yes, we indeed had a lot of fun. LOVED IT!!!
Thanks for visiting.

I think its great you are committed to something good for your health. You are right, keep this up and your diet will follow suit.
Thanks for visiting.