01-25-2009 Sunday

B- 2 coffee HC CO AS
(11:30 am)
2 eggs, 1 hot dog, 1 oz cheese omelet w/ butter
2 Healthy Life Low Carb Toast w/ butter

L-1 cup left over SF spaghetti sauce w/hamburger, onion, green peppers (no squash, just sauce)

D-6 Brussels sprouts & onion cooked in butter caramelized (thanks October!)
8 meatballs

SN-2 SF Popsicle
2 SF Russell Stover's toffee sq.


Sleep= 8 (range 0-10)
Slept really well last night...YEA!!! I managed to get about 6 and 1/2 hours. At least 4 1/2 - 5 of those were straight. YEA!

Mood= 8-9 (range 0-10)
I feel very blessed today. I'm so lucky to have a husband whom I love and who loves me. A son who is such a loving and good kid. I have a great family. My brothers and sisters are all right here in the area. We are all very close. Even for having a great dog.

Hey, All
The picture above is of our dog Roxy. She just turned 2 in December. She is a German Shepard/Collie mix. Isn't she cute!!!! I was taking pictures of my niece on that back ground and she just walked over an sat down like she was suppose to be there, saying 'Ok, it's my turn. Take a picture of me', so I did. She is a big goober. She is so silly and smart, LOVES to do tricks. She can sit, stay, lay down, roll over, jump through a hula-hoop, fetches and loves to catch the ball your throwing in mid air, she shakes, and speaks (barks) on command. My son has taught her to balance a bone on her nose than when he gives the command she flips it around and catches it. I might try to get a picture of that later on today. My son is home (he is well this weekend, YEA!).

Update on my son: Dizziness has left completely now..YEA! He is pretty much back to normal. Still has some sinus issues, but again thats pretty normal for him.

UPDATE: I have entered some videos staring my dog Roxy. See them HERE


Vadim said...

She is so adorable. German shephard are trully intelligent.

Harry said...

Great news all around. A good night's sleep. A positive mood. A loving family. Your son getting well. A sharp looking menu. A beautiful hound!

Life is good, Jo! :)

Erika said...

Hehehe gotta love animals, they have the best personalities. And she is totally posing!