01-24-09 Saturday

B-2 c coffee HC CO AS

L-1 c spaghetti squash
1 c No Sugar added spaghetti sauce w/hamburger meat, onion, green peppers

SN- 8 Ritz w/ 1 oz cheese w/ 1 T butter
2 SF popcycles
8 pickles spears

D-2 Health Life LC bread
1 1/2 egg w/ half half (french toast)
1 t. peanut butter
SF Smuckers Syrup
4 hot dogs w / 1 carb catchup

SN-2 hot dogs /2 Health Life LC bread


Sleep =3 (range 0 - 10)
Didn't sleep well last night. Up and down a lot. Woke hot, woke stuffy, woke for no reason at all. Hoping for a nap this afternoon, we will see. Surprisingly I don't feel groggy or tired this morning.

Mood =8 (range 0 - 10)
Feeling optimistic this morning. I'm rethinking this WOE (way of Eating). Should I just go with how the diet has been going? I've just been maintaining, going up a few then down a few. Or should I kick it up a notch? As you can see from my past few weeks (actually thru December as well) I have not been too clean with my eating. I never have been able to do this cleanly. But I figured as long as the scale continued to move down than I was ok with that.

So today I'm asking myself:
With EVERY EVERY EVERY change I've made (and will make) I always ask myself "Is this something I can do for the REST of my life?" If the answer is yes I move on, if not I figure out another road to take. Now, my loss has been really slow because of this, but I know when I get to my goal, I will know how to stay there......
What change am I willing to make for the rest of my life?????????

I don't have an answer for you this morning. I have a few thing rolling around in my head.
1st struggle: Feeling like I can NEVER have the foods I love again or that I can't enjoy family outings and get togethers...
Possible answer: Giving myself permission to go off 1 (possible 2) times a month. This way I have something to look forward to. Also I think that will help with the just going off when ever I feel like it. Hubby and I were doing this in August and Sept. and it seems to really work. I could resist unexpected goodies knowing I could have what I REALLY wanted on such and such date or time.

2nd struggle: cravings
Possible answer: Same as above

3rd Struggle: Dips in my blood sugar....I need to find a carb that will not kick in the cravings. I've been using Ritz crackers for this. They don't (or at least I don't think they do) cause me to crave. Using cheese with it for the protein. They are really easy to have at work, they don't go bad and are easy to just pop in my mouth and go on....We are NOT allowed to have ANY food in clinic...The bosses have allowed me to have a draw for quick access.
Possible answer: I really don't have one...I just feel guilty when I have the Ritz.... 5 crackers are 10 carbs each. Guess I should just get over the guilt and realize that I'm not doing it to cheat. It is a have to thing. We never know how busy clinic will be from day to day. So I try to adjust my insulin as to the day I THINK I will have. (I'm working with my doctor on this) Some days I enter data into the computer. Which those days need more insulin as I'm sitting. Sometime I will get pulled into clinic on the days I have planned to sit.

What is your suggestions for me?????? Do you have any?????
.....................................I will return later today to add in menu...................................................


Erika said...

Hi NewVision,

All of this is just my opinion, but I'll give it as best I can :)

It's great you're rethinking your WOE if it's not working the way you want it to.

Having said that, I can really understand what you mean about not doing anything that you can't do the for the rest of your life... BUT weight loss is not something that you do for your whole life. It's about getting that defecit that causes weight to drop and you don't want to have a defecit for your whole life.

My belief is that during weight loss, you should be doing a more restricted version of whatever it is that you'll be doing your whole life. So you should be doing a tighter version of lc while losing, then a maintenance version when not losing. It's still lc, just different levels. Hope that made some sense! hehehe

I've tried having "days off" before but it allowed a bit of creep to occur (start a bit earlier, finish a bit later, etc, etc) but if it works for you, I think it's an absolutely fantastic option.

Cravings, well I think Struggle 3 probably relates more. Do you test your blood sugar often? Maybe testing it after each meal or each questionable food would be worthwhile as information for you to use. I don't know anything about ritz, I just know I don't touch them because they (and other wheat-based products) make me crave more. Are you different?

And just a quick note: this is about health and not so much about numbers. If you feel good and are keeping your health with these crackers, I think 10g ea is worth it. But, that's up to your body. I hope you let us know :)


Harry said...

Howdy, Jo.

The best I can do is to reference what's (fortunately been) working for me (so far).

I feel as though I have to stick to a pretty strict LC program. If I indulge in even small amounts of higher carb foods ... it stirs the beast inside of me. So, I just don't do it. I'm not claiming that it's easy, mind you.

Maybe I'll experiment with easing up a bit ... once I reach my goal. But alas, that's a long way off.

If I couldn't or chose not to do that, I think this is what I'd do:

I'd carefully plan my "off meals" or "off days". And I'd make sure to stick to my boundaries. If I plan on having one higher carb meal ... then that would be it. A firm line would be drawn. And even then, I'd still try to select certain foods to blunt an all out blood sugar blast-off.

For instance, if I planned on having pizza with some friends ... I would try to eat pizza with plenty of fat and meat on it. I wouldn't have it with full-sugar soda, etc.

I think Lynn is currently trying to figure out this kind of balance in her own program. I'm not sure what conclusion she'll come to but I know it's on her mind too.

Also, for what it's worth, I'm quite happy with the food I'm eating now. I've actually come to enjoy and appreciate it in a genuine way. Maybe that's because I'm adding lots of foods that I previously wouldn't have eaten. Rich and robust foods like different cuts of meat, cheeses and even spicier foods, etc.

Focusing of the many foods I can eat and not the ones I can't seems to help me. This same principle would apply to any diet, I think.

There's a solution out there for you, Jo. I'm not sure my ramble helped get you closer to it but you'll find your way! :)

Vadim said...

Hi Jo! I finally got it! I mean how to win over the cravings! Dogs! Buy boston terriers! These fellows are notorious beggers. Have you seen their eyes when they beg. You can never say no to them. I just visited my boss house warming party. She has one. I craved a cake my boss caked and wanted to try it all night long, until this boston came along. By the time I was playing with it and having so much fun, all cravings was gone. I love and adore dogs. Sweet is not good for them, bu toher carbs are ok. So all you have to do is just get 2 boston terriers and your carb cravings will be gone along with your carbs! In my case it would take 10 of them, you know some of us have bigger cravings!

NewVision said...

Thank you all for your reply. I have lots to think about.
The only thing I'm sure about right now is....No Boston Terriers. LOL
Sorry Vadim, I have a German Shepard mix now, who is quite a hand full. She is only 2 and LOVES to play. I don't think we could handle any more dogs right now. LOL I will post a picture of her later on today. Glad to have you back.

Erika, ok this may sound crazy to you, but here goes. I'm not following the deficit for a number of reasons but here is my thought on that....
If I can be oh' lets say 150 pounds and my calorie intake to stay at that weight is 1200 to 1500 a day. Then if I follow the 1200 to 1500 a day now then I would eventually get there right?. Now if it took me probably 2 years to get there. I would have that 2 years to learn how to eat at 1200 to 1500 level of calories a day by then. So when I've gotten to that goal weight, I don't do anything other than what I've done for the last two years to stay there. I think following this method is far less risky (for me), you don't have to relearn everything or try different things to maintain. Its just what you have always been doing. I know some folks don't agree with that. Thats ok, what ever works for them. Someday I might not agree with it either. As I follow this path things may change. It's all about the learning. Glad your back in the pack as well.

I think you have hit the nail with concentrating on what you CAN have and NOT what you can't. I REALLY need to do this. POSITIVE POSITIVE!!!!!
This is one of the things I will differently be working on.
Thanks for the reminder!