01-21-09 Wednesday

B- 2 c coffee HC CO AS
1 slice homemade flaxseed bread w/cream cheese & jelly

SN- 4 Ritz / 1 oz cheese

L- 8 oz walmart chicken

D-walmart Deli
1 chicken breast
chef salad w/ranch dressing

SN- 2 SF Russell Stover Toffee squares
4 Ritz
1 oz cheese
few bites mac n cheese

WT= 244

Sleep= 6
Slept pretty good. About 6 (+-) hours. So not too bad for me. I'm glad I'm through that one or two hours stuff. I was feeling like a Zombie.

Mood = woke 5, but by end of the day =8

I had my niece tonight. She is such a little joy. We are SOOO lucky to have her. She could cheer anyone up. I should invite everyone to my house for a BBQ (low carb of'course) and she could cheer us all up.. :)


Harry said...

:) I'm happy to know you had a better night and day.

Invite your niece over more often! :)

Vadim said...

I am catching up on reading everyone's posts. Sorry, been busy and a bit under the weather. I will be back full force soon. I gained like 15 pounds recently, but hey...... And I will accept that invitation any time, LOVE KIDS! One time I was asked what inspires me and I said 'kids, women and animal"