01-20-09 Tuesday

B- 2 c coffee HC AS only 1 with CO
1 slice homemade flaxseed bread w/butter

L- Went to Monical's Pizza and had a
chef salad w/ ranch (ate 1/4 of it)

SN- 4 Ritz w/1 oz cheese

D- 4 hotdogs / 4 Lc Healthy Life bread
mustard/1 carb catchup/ pickles


Sleep = 5-
(slept 6 hours -woke several times but went back to sleep)

Mood = 5
(I did pretty good at not letting the stress of day to day get to me. Still feeling the blahs )


Harry said...

Good job on managing your stress, Jo.

6 hours isn't bad. I don't think I manage quite that much. Maybe around 5 and change.

I didn't use the tea last night. But, when I do, I'll let you know how it works out.

Any word from your son about how he's doing? Well, I hope.

NewVision said...

Six hours is A LOT better than I was doing. I at least I feel human now..LOL I'll run over to your blog to see how your getting along. Hope you feeling better today.

What's up with Vadim and Erika, they both are MIA? Hope all is well with them. I think they are going through this same blah period.

My son is doing a lot better. The dizziness is still there but not nearly as bad. He says mostly when he moves his head too fast or up and down too fast is the only time he runs into trouble now. Thank you for asking. :)