01-19-09 Monday- Martin Luther King Jr Day

Home today for the Holiday

B- 1 1/2 coffee HC CO AS
13 meatballs

L-8 Ritz
2 oz cheese

D-2 hot dogs /mustard /1 carb catchup /pickles
2 Slices LC Healthy Life bread
4 Ritz /1 oz cheese

SN- 4 ritz / 1 oz cheese


Sleep = 7 (range 0 - 10)
-slept 6 hours straight. woo hoo!

Mood = 6 (range 0-10)
-worried about son driving back & still being dizzy

Ok, my son made it back to his apartment safe and sound. He talked to his boss and he does not have to go into work tomorrow. So maybe by Wednesday the meds will have time to kick in for him. Oh, I forgot to up date you all. Took him back to the doctor today and he upped the meds. His headache and the feeling of getting sick is gone but dizziness is still there. I was so worried about him driving. He is a teenager and doesn't think anything can happen to him. He is also a little hard headed (not sure where he gets that from :) ).

I'm sure you noticed my Sleep and Mood scale above. I decided to pay attention and keep track of this. I think not sleeping and stress = disaster for me. Soooo, I'm not really sure what my plan of action is the next time this happens...I'm still thinking about that one. I don't like taking a sleeping aid. But feel I might have to start doing something. I did take 1/2 of a Meletonan last night and I'm going to take 1/4 of one tonight. If I sleep ok tonight, that will be it for a little while. They usually make me feel tired, but don't help me to stay asleep. So, we will see.


Harry said...

The sleep looks pretty good, Jo. I'm happy to see that.

I bought a new tea today at the market. It contains chamomile, lavender and lemon balm. I'll probably try it out tonight or tomorrow to see if it improves my sleep quality.

I'm relieved that your son made it home safely. Hopefully the higher dosage of meds will do the trick and he'll be 100% very soon.

BTW, I think your sleep and mood scale is a great idea!

Take good care. I hope today's a winner for you. :)

bayoubabe said...

Yep, tea is good. I took a zyrtec the other night for my head cold problems, and boy it zonked me OUT cold.

Glad things are looking UP.


NewVision said...

Let me know how that tea affect your sleep. I did sleep 6 hours but I'm just so far behind on sleep that it was NOT enough..LOL I kind of feel like a walking zombie.

Those cold meds zonk me out too but always leave me feeling hung over and foggy the next day.

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Have a great day!