01-10-09 Saturday *

B- 3 coffee HC CO AS
(573 cal /7.8 carbs)

L- 2 hotdogs
(230 cals /3 carbs)
4 saltines
(52 cals / 9.6 carbs)
2 slices pizza
(330 cals /31.5 carbs)

D- 3 eggs
(214 cals/ 1.2 carbs)
3 sausage links
(247 cals / 0.7 carbs)
1 1/2 hot dog w/ 1 carb catchup
(170 cals /2.5 carbs)
2 LC Healthy life toast
(35 cals / 6 carbs)
w/ 1 T country crock
(50 cals / 0 carbs)

SN- 2 oz walnuts (371 cals / 4 carbs)
few bites mac n cheese (60 cals / 10 carbs)
OJ (110 cals / 26 carbs)


Total calories = 2442
Total net carbs= 96.3

Still running on very little sleep.

Days like this make me wonder how many carbs I was consuming before I was trying to low carb. (notice I said trying) Even though those numbers don't look too good. I was still trying. I could have eaten the WHOLE pizza, for sure. The OJ there at the end. I woke this morning with a sore throat. My son went out to the store, bought some OJ for me, fixed me a glass and said 'Here Mom, I think you need this". Sweet, I know!!!! He is a good kid. Once I looked at the carb count I about fell over, and NO fiber. It had pulp, what is that all about. I usually drink SF Tang. Actually had some in the cabinet. Anyway the day is over and it is what it is. I will still get up tomorrow and try to do better. That REALLY is what its all about.

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Harry said...

I hope you're feeling better today, NewVision.

Yes, to keep trying in good and bad times is a big part of success. At least, I think so (too).

For what it's worth, I think sugar is one of the worst things to consume when battling a cold or the flu. It's just not good for our immune system - as far as I understand it.

Certain teas may be better options. There's a really good one called "Throat Coat". Ginger tea and/or chamomile are also excellent for combating inflammation, in supporting immune function and it may even possess anti-viral properties. Even green or white tea would work well.

Take good care!