01-09-09 Friday *

B- 1 coffee HC CO AS (382 cal /5.2 carbs)

L- 1 oz turkey sticks (60 cals/ 0 carbs)
1 oz cheddar cheese (102 cals / 1.4 carbs)

SN- (3 pm low blood sugar)
1 package Ritz peanut butter crackers ( 200 cal / 20 carbs)

D- Ryan's Steak House Restaurant
1 salad plate - lettuce, spinach, onion, cukes, tomatoes, cheese, egg, bacon, ranch
1 dinner plate - 6 oz steak, 25 mini shrimp,6 potato slices w/onion, 3" polish sausage, 2T catchup, 1/4 biscuit w/butter, 1/2 choc chip cookie



Harry said...

Hey! I just noticed that your weight is down for the week!

Congrats, NewVision! :)

bayoubabe said...

Congrats on the weight Loss ! Ryan's is one of my fav places to eat out on vacation ! Keep up the great work, you deserve it !


NewVision said...

Thanks Harry,
I've been bouncing this same weight around for a lil while now. Hit the 244 low right before Christmas then went up a lil. I'm a bouncer. Thanks for noticing!

Ryan's is our favorite as well. Pretty easy to stay LC and still enjoy your night.

Thanks for visiting!!