12-15-08 Monday *

B-2 c. coffee HC CO AS
(382 cals - 5.2 carbs)

L- nothing

D- 8 oz polish sausage (760 cals - 8 carbs)
3 eggs cooked in polish sausage grease (214 cals - 1.2 carbs)
2 LC Healthy Life Bread (105 cals - 18 carbs)
1 T County crock (50 cals - 0 carbs)

SN- 4 oz walnuts (760 cals - 8 carbs)
1 Russell Stovers SF toffee square (66 cals - 7.6 carbs)

Total Calories= 2337
Total Carbs = 48

Gee, those calories sure add up fast don't they?
I was starving by the time I got home. I waited too long to eat. I worked over today, then had to go to the doctors office. So I ate way more than I would have. I still feel a like I want to snack. I'm not hungry. Just want something. I hate those feelings.
I may have to give in to them.
I'm trying to work through them. I'm not tired. It's not 'that' time of the month. I'm not sad or angry. I'm a little bored, I guess. I have things to do, just don't want to do any of them.. LOL Laundry and house work doesn't sound to interesting this evening. Even though it needs to be done. UGGGG!
ok, I did give in to the cravings....added these to my daily total. More walnuts and a SF toffee. Going to bed now.


Vadim said...

Its ok, shit happens! You ate walnuts, thats brain food. You will wake up tomorrow like feeling like an Enstein! I dont think your day was that bad, the food choices were fine, may be a bit much caloire wise given that you dont do much exercise. But overall it looked good to me. But then again I am known to eat 2500 calories in a sitting, so who am I to say? Anyway, look forward to your next menU!

Harry said...

Good day, NewVision.

Have you ever tried to do something to get you passed the desire to snack when you're not really hungry?

I'm wondering if you did something else that's mentally stimulating or distracting ... if that may get you over the snacking hump? Another activity that you'd like to do - like watch a movie, call a friend, do a crossword puzzle, go skydiving, etc.

I know Sybil uses some mind-body techniques like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help her through those cravings.

bayoubabe said...

Rusell Stover, that's down South comfort food lol :)

Erika said...

Hi NewVision,

Thanks (and to everyone else) for taking part in the questions I posted on my blog. I've posted it on the main part now with my comments - I think we have tons in common.

Hey Vadim! You said the same thing to me about eating too many walnuts yesterday as well! hahaha

How is your Christmas shopping and wrapping going? Maybe focussing on that will keep you occupied enough that you wont want to snack?

Just a thought.

Keep up the good work and self reflection :)

Sonya said...

Hey, it coulda been worse, much worse! AND, you coulda lied to us (even if only by omission) but you didn't.

IMO, that is growth, change and progress! Pat yerself on the back, sistah, and keep on keepin on cause big picture-wise you're doing great!

Ah, and so glad you found me at Jimmy's forums. :) Thanks!