12-13-08 Saturday

B- 1 c coffee HC AS CO

L- 2 slices pizza
1 small salad (lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, ranch)
1 Russell Stover SF Toffee square

D-2 1/2 hot dogs
3/4 can green beans cooked in bacon grease
2 T one carb catchup

SN-1 cucumber, 10 cherry tomatoes in vinegar
1 Russell Stover SF Toffee square

Busy day of seeing Santa Claus, Christmas shopping and meeting up with friends. We must have walked for miles in the stores. WOW, the stores were busy today. I did something to my ankle along the way. I must have stepped on it wrong, I think I sprained it. It's swelled and hurts something awful. I don't remember hurting it.
Another reason to loose this weight, take the pressure off my poor body.


Anonymous said...

Hope your ankle's better soon. That pizza looks so good. I'm gonna try that at home also. I grew up on homegrown half-runners cooked all day in bacon grease-good eatin!!

Sonya said...

Mmmmm.... that pizza does look divine!

Hope your ankle heals up quickly. I have problems with my left foot if I'm on my feet too long and can not wait for this weight to come off so that clears up. I know it's the extra 60 or so pounds causing it.

NewVision said...

Thanks for the well wishes! It's a little better today, I've been babying it. Hope its all good by tomorrow for work. I will be on my feet all day.

The pizza is super easy. I will be having it again soon.