12-12-08 Friday

B- 2 c coffee HC AS only 1 with CO

L- 2 oz walnuts

D- 1 Flat out pizza
(made with 1 flat bread light, 1 sausage patty, pepperonis, green peppers, mozzarella cheese, Hunts no sugar added spaghetti sauce)

SN- 2 oz walnuts
4 saltines w/butter

WT= 248

ohhh, that was a good pizza. I tend to gravitate toward the fast and easy. This was way easy. We bought some of the Flat bread lights. They come 6 to a package. I took mine, put parchment paper between the bread so that when I freeze it, it wouldn't stick together. That way I can just pop out what I need at the time. It was 2 tonight for hubby and myself. I bought pre-cooked sausage patties. So it was super easy and fast.


Harry said...

Mmmm. That's looks delicious, NewVision!

Why didn't you eat much earlier in the day? Just not hungry?

Erika said...

Looks delicious! How many carbs did it come in as?

Did you and your hubby share that one between you?

Thanks for sharing :)

NewVision said...

I didn't eat earlier in the day because I was trying not to. LOL I was trying to do a lil IF, didn't make it because I did eat the walnuts. But its all good anyway.

My Pizza shown here for ONE WHOLE pizza has :
22.8 carbs
10.6 fibers
12.2 net carbs
529 calories

And yep I ate the WHOLE thing. As you can see from my menu I didn't eat too much in the morning and afternoon. Hubby ate a whole one too...