12-11-08 Thursday

B- 2 coffee HC CO AS

L-1 McDouble McDonald's(2 hamburgers 1 slice cheese -no bun)
1 oz summers sausage
1 oz cheese

D- 8 oz chuck steak w/ 2 T one carb catsup
1 can green beans cooked in bacon grease

SN-2 oz walnuts
1 Russell Stovers SF peanut cluster
6 saltines w/butter

Having this blog has definitely helped keep me in line. Today co-workers brought in cookies at work. They sat outside my cubical all day. I could smell them every time I walked by (which was quite a few times). I didn't touch a one. LOL Sounds silly but I just kept telling myself if I grabbed one then I would have to list it here on my menu and I didn't want to do that.
I have been hungry the last few days. I hope that will pass soon.


pooti said...

You are doing really great NV! Keep up the yummy menus. :D

sybilizedliving.wordpress.com said...

I agree.....my menu blog really helps keep me accountable - not only to you guys but to myself. I think twice before putting something in my mouth.

Harry said...

Good for you, NewVision!

My workplace is always crawling with carbs.

Someone actually came up to my desk today and out of kindness, offered me a homemade chocolate chip cookie. I declined respectfully.

The way I try to look at it is that all these challenges are just opportunities for us to prove our strength.

BTW, I thought your menu looked excellent today. Keep up the good work!

Jimmy Moore said...

I'm proud of you, NewVision! You are AMAZING!!!

bayoubabe said...

wait till feb, when the girl scouts invade your cubicle for their annual cookie fundraiser !! Congrats on your discipline with the cookies .

My menu blog also has helped me.

Solshine said...

Accountability is a wonderful thing, no? I know it has helped me a lot!

Your pizza looks divine!!