12-10-08 Wednesday

B- 2 coffee HC CO AS

L-2 cups salad w/cukes, 2 tomaoto slices,
bacon, egg, Ranch and 4 pickle spears

D- 1 cup Medley vegs (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots)
w/ 1/2 T cheese whiz
5 hot dogs w/ 2 T one carb catsup

SN- 3 oz walnuts
1 SF pop cycle
2 saltines

WT= 249
10 days left before Christmas. Is everyone ready??
I have some of my shopping done. I don't have anything wrapped yet. I hate waiting til the last minute to wrap. I'm hoping to get it all done this weekend.

Had a big party at work today. Ham, cake, cookies, chocolate covered strawberries etc. etc. I never went near the food. Only one person noticed I wasn't eating. He knows I'm trying to LC. So it was all good.

Every year since my son was very little we have played a game on Christmas morning. Sometimes it was a scavenger hunt, other times a trivia game. One of the past games we have played was 'Who Wants their Christmas present?" (after "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?") He had life lines etc. The games all usually deal with Christmas or family history. He is 19 this year. I didn't make up his game last year (figured he thought he was too old to play Moms dorky games), I noticed that he was looking for it. (I usually hide the first question in one of his presents, a shoe, jeans pocket, in the tree etc. to get the game going.) So I made some excuse for him to go outside and made up a game on a whim. So this year I want to be more prepared.
I thought I would just throw this out there and see if any of you have any ideas. I want to make it a lil harder this year. Got any good trivia questions?


pooti said...

Hi NewVision. Love your blog! I just loved Burl Ives and got quite a bang out of your snowman!

I also loved your story about your son!!

Keep up the good work!

bayoubabe said...

Hot Dogs are wonderful, aren't they ?? I had them in a SALAD the other day. :)

NewVision said...

Thanks Pooti,
I, too LOVE Burl Ives, If I knew how I would have the blog playing his song 'Silver and Gold'. He brings back so many good childhood memories for me.

Yes, hotdogs are wonderful. This is the meal I fix when I've gotten home too late from work. Easy and good.
I put hotdogs in my omelets but I haven't in salad. :)

Solshine said...

what kinds of things does your son like? It would be cool to gear the trivia questions toward his areas of interest.

That's a great tradition, btw. One he'll always remember and may continue on with his kiddos when he starts his family. What a cool mom you are!

NewVision said...

Good Idea Solshine, but his interest is in electronics and Automotive. Something I'm not too up to speed with. When he talks to me about diodes, transistors or semiconductors it all goes WAY over my head...LOL