12-09-08 Tuesday

B-2 coffee HC CO AS
2 oz walnuts

L-(11:15 am - Low sugar)
2 oz cheddar, 2 oz summer sausage, 2 oz walnuts
6 Ritz peanut butter crackers

D-1 pork steak w/2 T one carb catsup
1 can green beans w/onions cooked in bacon grease

SN-2 oz walnuts
1 slice Healthy life LC bread
1 hotdog
1oz pork rinds w/1 T sourcream

'If Illinois isn't the most corrupt state in the United States, it's one hell of a competitor.' ~said the FBI Special Agent in Charge of the investigation of Gov. Blagojevich. Our Governor was arrested this morning on Corruption charges. Since the 1970s, three former Illinois governors have served time behind bars. Yea, I'm sooooo proud of our state officials.

As you can see today I had another low sugar episode. *I called the doctor this time to see if she could suggest anything. Ok, this is the cool part. She wanted me to drop off my menus and glucose readings so she could take a look. I'm an hours drive away from her. I told her I had been blogging my menus and gave her my website address, she put one of her receptionist on the phone to get her to the page. Once there she took a look, I had my glucose log book with me, so she was able to give me a few suggestions. (She even said my page looked cute..LOL thanks Doc!) Pretty cool huh? I knew this would come in handy for something.... YEAH!!!!
Anyway she said my carb count is already lower than the American Diabetes Association recommends. Which we all know is a bunch of nonsense.* My Diabetic Dr. (not the one I talked to today) told me "A good starting point would be 30-60 grams of carbs per meal"
PER MEAL!!!!!! That doesn't even include the snacks.... I'm glad I have a great doctor who is willing to work with me and supports my LC life style.
Have a great day!!!!!


Harry said...

That is really cool about your doc following your menu blog!

I knew modern technology had to be good for something!

Your menu looked excellent today.

Looks like someone is trying to get on Santa's nice list! :)

Erika said...

Hi NewVision,

That's fantastic! Who knew the internet would ever be so useful.... considering that song... "the internet is for.." hahahaha

I'm glad you've found such a supportive doctor :) Diet over medication, every time. Did she say what might have caused the episode today?

NewVision said...

Yea, I just thought that was so cool that I could have the doc just look it up and she could see everything she needed to see. She said she was gonna suggest other patients to do that too. :)
Santa's watch'in don't ya know!!!!

I work in a busy clinic. A few days a week I'm scheduled out of clinic to get my info entered into the computer. On those days I usually take more insulin because I will be sitting all day, well yesterday I took my normal amount for being out of clinic and because of staffing issues I had to be in clinic and it was BUSY. So I know what caused it. She had a few suggestions for me so we shall see what happens.

Thanks for commenting.!!!!!! You guys are great!

Solshine said...

That's just awesome! How friggin' cool is that? Oh, Doc, just check out my blog. LOL!

A good dr. can't be beat, can it? My primary care knows that I am well informed and lets me pretty much tell him what I'm up to and what I think I should be doing when it comes to my weight, PCOS, IR, etc. I love being able to discuss things with him rather than just being rushed in and out with a different prescription each visit.