12-08-08 Monday

B- 2 coffee HC CO AS

L- Ryan's Steak House Restaurant
Salad w/cukes, onion, tomatoes, cheese, ham, bacon, egg, ranch
1 chicken breast, 1/4 c. corn, 4 slices of fried potato

D-3 scrambled eggs, 6 oz polish sausage
2 Healthy life LC bread w/butter & jelly

SN- 6 saltines w/butter

WT= 248
I told you all how I forgot about the Fried cabbage yesterday. What I didn't have time to post was the story behind it.
We were all in the living room, had the Christmas music going. Silver bells, I'm dreaming of a White Christmas, Winter Wonderland etc. Decorating the tree. The lights are all twinkling. We are laughing, having a good ol'time. All of a sudden the smoke alarms goes off. We all look in the kitchen, (there is a hall way separating the kitchen and living room.) The whole kitchen is filled with smoke. O'my goodnes, Dinner !!!!!! We all run in there to discover it really doesn't take cabbage very long before it starts to smoke. LOL We are throwing open the doors and windows (its 20 F outside ), fanning the smoke alarm to get it to shut up. The dog is going crazy barking at the smoke detector. We are falling over her and trying to get her to stop barking.
Anyway it will be one of those times the family always brings up, I can her them now..... Hey remember the year when Mom burnt the cabbage and tried to catch the kitchen on fire.....
It tasted better and wasn't all that burnt to have so much smoke. LOL

Had a tough day at work. I have a co-worker that, how do I put this, doesn't want to get off her fat butt and work. (ok, I think I put that too nicely) I try not to let it get to me. But, some days it just does, and this was one of those days. I don't know why the bosses don't do anything about it. They are push overs. Everyone thinks so. She doesn't do her job, I or another co-worker has to do what she doesn't. We can 't count on her to make sure anything gets done. She whines about her personal life ALL the time. We ALL got our internet privileges reduced because SHE was surfing, when she should have been working. Instead of telling HER about it, they just cut it off for EVERYBODY.
Gee, I was so glad when quiting time came today. I don't like feeling that way about another person.


Erika said...

Hi NewVision,

That story about your food was hilarious! I would have loved to have been there :)

Works sucks sometimes. I wonder if there is ANYTHING you can do...? Surely there's something....


NewVision said...

Yep, trying to burn down the kitchen, its a Christmas tradition now at our house. Come on over and join in on the fun....LOL

No, don't think there is anything I can do, it has to be the bosses and they are just not willing to deal with it.

Yep, corn, in moderation (remember). :)
I think 1/4 cup was pretty moderate don't you?

Solshine said...

LOL! That's definitely a "remember when" moment. I will try to avoid taking it to the extreme that you did. *grin* Good to know it smokes pretty easily.

I hate it when everyone gets punished for something one or only a few people are doing wrong. Happens way too often in our world, I'm afraid. Can't have any personal accountability or confrontation now, can we? ;-)


bayoubabe said...

We call it 'burning down the house' down South LOL.

What kind of work do you do ?

Also , where did you find the background with the falling snow & snowman at and how did you incorporate it into your website ?

NewVision said...

You hit the nail right on the head The bosses doesn't want any kind of confrontation with anyone.

The snowman was a picture I had that I just added in the words at the bottom then posted it using the 'add picture' option during posting.
The snow is a widget, so real easy. I've learned so much since starting. I don't remember the site, but I will look it up and pass it on to you later. I love the snow effect, glad you do too.

NewVision said...

Forgot, I work in a medical clinic, Bayoubabe