12-06-08 Saturday

B- 3 coffee HC AS CO
2 oz walnuts

L-1 sausage patty
2 LC Healthy life bread
1 T. butter - 1 egg - 1 oz velvetta cheese
2 oz walnuts

D-1 1/2 cup potato soup
1 1/2 slices Ham
celery, carrots, cauliflower, ranch dip
2 dill pickles

SN-1 cucumber & 10 cherry tomatoes w/ vinegar
8 saltines w/ butter
1 hotdog


Working on getting my Christmas cards out today. So I thought I would send one you guys too. (See Snowman on TOP post)
Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

It's been so cold around here. 23 degrees Fahrenheit this morning with wind chill below 0. Bbbbrrrrrr!!!! Got some more snow coming our way today.

Weight is not up, but I'm VERY swelled this morning. I was a little yesterday too, but today I had to take off my wedding ring and put it on the pinky finger. So I'm hoping once this leaves a big whoosh will follow. I slept about 6 hours last night, which still isn't enough but is better that what I have been getting.

Had my nieces birthday party tonight. They had potato soup, veggies, ham sandwiches, ham and turkey salad sandwiches. Cake and ice cream. The soup was good and I could have ate a lot more, but I kept it under control. Chucked the bread on the sandwich and ate the veggies.

Happy Holidays Everyone !!!

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