12-02-08 Tuesday *

B- 2 cups coffee HC AS CO (382 - 5.2)
(10:45 am) -1 package of Ritz peanut butter crackers (200 -20) Low Sugar

L-Pizza Hut 1 Plate only
-salad with cucumber,tomatoes,eggs,cheese, bacon & ranch -2 pickles (515 -7.1)
-1 slice meat lovers pizza (300 - 25)

D- 2 cucumbers w/ vinegar (50 - 7.2)
2 hot dogs with 1 carb catsup (225-5)

SN-4 Saltines w /butter (52 - 8.6)
2 T. country crock butter (103 -0.3)

calories= 1,827
carbs = 78.4 (fiber deducted)

WT= 248
Didn't do as well as I would have liked today. Had a work/ lunch meeting at Pizza Hut. I only allowed myself that one plate. Had planned on only eating the toppings off that slice of pizza. I chose the smallest slice, but should have NEVER put it on my plate. Sometimes I question all those calories in the CO. But it seems like when I don't have it, I'm hungrier. View why I use CO HERE


Erika said...

Hi NewVision,

The CO sounds just fine to me :) It's the grains that I worry about - like in the pizza base. I know you said you didn't intend to eat it... but you DID eat it. And even if the carb count was within your limits, do you think it might still have affected your blood glucose?

Harry said...

Good day, NewVision.

Thanks for your excellent blog about coconut oil. Love the links!

One of my goals will be to get more of the CO in me! Get in my belly! :-)

I think Erika may be on to something re: grains.

Check out this blog by a low-carb cardiologist:


It's presented in a humorous way but the content is serious. Dr. Davis truly believes that wheat and corn play a major role in many of the health issues we face today.

Just something to consider.

Hope your day is eggsellent!

NewVision said...

Thank you both for responding to my blog.
Harry, the link you gave me didn't work, but I did find the Dr.'s blog. I really like it. I have a lot of reading to do.. LOL -Thanks

Erika, You are right. I do have issues with grains. Breads, Rolls etc are my kryptonite. I'm not into cakes, pies, candy (not that I don't like them, just that they don't make me weak in the knees LOL)
I'm a work in progress. I just keep trying, thats all I can do. Believe me when I say I know I shouldn't have ate it. But like you said I did.