12-01-08 Monday

B- 2 cups coffee HC CO AS

L- 1 LG coffee HC AS 2 t. Cocoa

D-(5 p.m.)
1 serving Fried Cabbage w/ polish sausage
4.5 oz hamburger w/1 T. one carb catsup
1 serving Mock Potato Salad

SN-10 Ritz w/3 T butter
1 cucumber w/ vinegar
1 sq Russell stovers Toffee

WT=249 YEA!!!!!

Fitday totals
Calories = 1,358
Carbs = 63.8
Fiber = 8.8
Net Carbs = 55

I couldn't believe it when I climbed on the scale this morning and it read 249. I know it could bob up, as I was off plan Thursday and Friday. But it was sure nice knowing I could hit the 240's.. Have a great day!


Harry said...

Congrats on breaking the 250 barrier, NewVision!

Thanks for posting some of your recipes. When I have a little more time (to play in the kitchen) I'll definitely give some of them a shot!

I'm enjoying your blog. Thanks for posting!

Vadim said...

Congrats on making it to 249! Good job, and keep it up!

NewVision said...

Thanks guys your the best. :)