05-19-2010 Wednesday

B- 7:15am
1 c coffee CO HC
1 egg with celery and cheese
2 LC toast

*Walked 2 miles

1 tub Dannon carb controlled Yogurt
Salad with cukes, tomato, cheese, egg and ham w/ ranch

Fried Rutabaga with lil onion and lil sausage
Grilled chuck steak w/carb controlled catchup


I was thinking that rutabagas were low carb. Uhhhh....nope... :(
1 large rutabaga has 62.76 carbs /19.30 fiber =43.46 net carbs per large rutabaga, which is probably the serving I had. :( Guess I should have looked it up BEFORE I ate it. O'well. I think I might have made this same mistake before. Geez...

I'm feeling pretty good. I don't feel hungry or I should say I'm not in that craving mode. I like that feeling. Hope the Rutabaga doesn't bring on the cravings. It shouldn't that mostly happens for me when I get a hold of sugary foods.


Low Carb Daily said...

I could have sworn rutabagas were low carb... Maybe I'm thinking turnips???

NewVision said...


This is where I got my info. I had a large rutabaga. :(

But yes, Turnips are low carb. I will be eating those next time. :)