12-06-09 Sunday

6am bg248/95 u Lev
B-8:30 am
2 mini bagels w/cream cheese (38)
2 eggs
2 hotdogs
30 u Hum/met

Hey all my blogger friends,
Just thought I would jump in and give everyone an update.
I'm still here. Not really low carbing but I'm still 'watching' my carbs. I'm following doctors orders at this time. (not sure what I think about them, just following orders) I have been in the hospital. I'm still fighting this staph infection that I have been fighting since February. They have me on Vancomicin(sp?) by a central line now. I go in each morning and let them hook me up for a couple of hours. Hopefully this will do the trick and kill out this nasty bug for ever. Since I'm allergic to a LOT of the antibiotic and not being able to take the ones I need to kill the bug, the doctor said I have just been keeping the bug at bay and not really killing it off each time.

I hope this finds everyone well and I will try to make rounds on everyones blog to catch up with all of you.

Happy Holidays


Low Carber said...

Heya NV it is good to hear form you ! Although I wish your circumstances were better.. HAng in there..hopefully you will be able to kick the infection once and for all!

Vadim said...

Hey nice to hear from you! Welcome back! Sorry to hear you going throught this ordeal. You will kill it, I will keep you in my thoughts!

Harry/JP said...

Happy Holidays to you and yours also!

I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. I agree with Vadim. Don't lose hope! Squash this infection like the bug that it is! Keep after the doctors. Make sure they're trying EVERYTHING to help you best this nasty critter.

Stay strong, Jo!