09-05-09 Saturday


I think I'm finally on the upward swing of this infection. I'm still dealing with the everyday care, but it's sooooo much better. The redness is almost gone and swelling is better. I still have to pack it twice a day (TMI - sorry) and that is very painful but I'm still much better than before. Getting stronger everyday.

Sorry, I feel like I've just abandoned the blog. I'm still keeping my menus in my handy dandy notebook (yes, I've been watching Blues Clues with my niece- LOL). I'll post them when I can.

Going to try to enjoy the last hoop-la of the summer and I'm going to go to the Labor Day Festival. Hubbies gonna drop me off so I don't have to walk as far. He's a great guy. :)


jo said...

I'm sorry about the infection, but glad it's getting better. Those things are certainly NO fun.

Enjoy your weekend.

Blues Clues was something my son and I watched when he was little--it had just started. I still sing the song in my head. =)

Erika said...

Glad to hear the infection is on the improve :)

Have a great weeekend and looking forward to seeing how you've been going while sick (and telling you how impressed I am). ;)

anne h said...

I accidently unfollowed you - we're all back now.
Your blog is too good to unfollow!

Erika said...

Hi! How is everything going these days? :)

Harry/JP said...

I hope you're doing better on all fronts now.

I was just checking in to see if I missed any recent updates. I can understand the need to take some time off.

Please take good care.