08-08-09 Saturday

B- 2 coffee HC AS
2 bowls Fruity Pebbles

L- 1/4 St. Patty's melt

D- 8 oz steak w/catchup
Teriaki chicken w/catchup
mashed potatoes w/gravy
4 crab rangoon
2 cookies
1 slice apple pie, 1 scoop ice cream, 1 scoop ice cream


Erika said...

Yumm... mostly good eating today! Well done! Progress not perfection, right?

Are you exercising?

ms. v said...

I fell off the wagon fairly profoundly for a couple of months there! I have to salute you for your honesty and accountability with your menus! I just didn't have the gumption for it myself.

are you easing back into the LC thing?

Erika said...

She's a bigger person than me too, Ms V.

NewVision said...

Thanks gals,
I used to be the same way about not writing it down if I was bad when I kept a journal. When I started this blog I was determined to make it good, bad or ugly. And ugly it has been at times. :(