07-25-09 Saturday

2 coffee as hc [0 carbs /0 protein]
2 eggs [1 carbs /12 protein]
1 slice healthy life toast w/butter [6 carbs /2 protein]
Total for breakfast [7 carbs /14 protein]

McDonald's Bacon Ranch Salad w/grilled chicken [9 carbs / 33 protien]
Ranch dressing [9 carbs / 1 protein]

1 small sausage patty

D- (7:30pm)
Gyros meat from 1 gyro
1/2 small fries

SN-(11:30 pm)
1 sausage patty
1 Slice Healthy life Low carb bread
6 strawberries
4 cookies
2 cups milk

Made a run up by Chicago today to a Meat market. They had a terrific sale going on. We packed up our coolers and took off. We got pork steak, pork chops, hamburger, breakfast sausage, rib tips all for $1.00 a pound. Chicken leg quarters for .79 cents a pound and chicken wings for .69 cents a pound. Our freezer is stocked for awhile. If I lose my job (state budget cuts) at least we will be eating for awhile. :) Since we were going so far to get it, we made it worth our while. We ended up getting over 100 pounds of meat. We rode with my brother and his wife and split the gas money as to not add to the cost of the meat. We made sausage patties and hamburger patties up then packaged the rest in easy smaller family serving sizes.


Low Carber said...

Very nice, NV! Hope you have a great summer!

Erika said...

Wow that meat market sounds fantastic! Bet you saved an absolute bom!!

Did you clear out the freezer in preparation? lol

NewVision said...

Thanks LowCarber

Erika, My freezer was looking empty. Now I have it packed. :)