07-01-09 Wednesday

B- 2 coffee AS HC
1 Thomas light English muffin w/cream cheese SF jelly

L- 20 grapes
1 healthy life bread, 1 slice turkey ham, 1 slice provolone cheese

D- 3 healthy life bread, homemade hamburger BBQ w/onions
4 (very small) ears of corn w/butter

Sn-2 chocolate cookies
1/4 small watermelon, 1 Hershey chocolate bar


Sorry folks, I just haven't had a lot to say lately.


Harry said...

Are you feeling 100% better now, Jo? I hope so.

Being sick in the Summer is such a drag. But getting better (with a lower weight) ain't half bad! :-)

NewVision said...

Not 100% Harry. I'm working on it. Hopefully soon. :)