06-10-09 Wednesday

B- 2 coffee HC AS CO
3/4 of a 2 egg, cheese, celery omlette

L- salad w/1 egg, cheese, bacon, cukes, ranch

D-cabbage and Spaghetti squash mixed together
w/ no sugar added spaghetti sauce & meat (left overs)

SN- few peanuts
Thomas Light English muffin w/cream cheese SF jelly


We had some of that left over 'spaghetti' tonight. We didn't have enough of the squash left so we added shredded cabbage to the squash. It was great. We have to watch are p's and q's now that we have to make a big payment to my son's college now that he lost his grant. I've been really worried about this. I know it will all work itself out, but I'm still worried. :( I may have to take on a 2nd job on the weekends. I'm just not looking forward to it. I already put in 50 hours a week with my job now. I'm going to try and put it out of my mind until after my Aunt leaves......Oh, I forgot to tell you guys...

My Aunt is FINALLY coming home. She will be in Friday. YEAH!!! I can't wait. She is going to stay for 2 weeks and then I will take her back home (Arkansas). So I may be a little slow on the updating.
I may have to just post some pictures......maybe


Harry said...

Great news about your aunt visiting. :-) Pictures would be most welcome!

I hope that the financial situation works out for the best. My eyes, fingers and toes are crossed for you. :-)

anne h said...

I actually dreamed about the name of your blog last night! I woke up smiling to myself. HeHe! Maybe my mind is finally accepting a New Vision.
PS great posts - great name!

NewVision said...

Thanks Guys!

Harry, hoping your crossing fingers and toes help. Lord knows we need all the crossings we can get. LOL

Anne, Isn't if funny how people who have never meant, living miles apart can affect others. I know I've been affected by many.