05-22-09 Friday

B-2 coffee HC AS
LC English muffin w/cream cheese, SF jelly

L-chicken Fajita w/onion, peppers, salsa, sour cream (no wraps)
few chips and salsa

D- 2 healthy Life LC bread
1 egg
peanut butter, SF syrup
1 sausage patty

SN-LC English muffin w/cream cheese, SF jelly


I was woke early this morning. My son (who is away for school in Indy) went out to his car and found it had been broke in to. They broke out his passenger side window. They got his school tool box with ALL his tools (he is studying mechanics), his Tom-Tom (navigational device) and his radar detector. Those things alone add up to quite a bit of money. We don't know what else might have been taken. Since it was still dark when he went out to go to work the thought crossed his mind that the thieves might still be in the area and went back into the apartment to call 911. He is ok, he was quit upset and felt very violated.

Update: Once their was enough light to go outside. He noticed another guy looking at his car. Yep, you guessed it his car had been broken into too. The man also informed him of 2 others that had also been broken in to. At least we know my son wasn't singled out. Not that it makes it any better. But we were worried maybe someone had been watching and waiting. I will update again later.

Update #2 At least 10 others were broken into. The apartment manager said she had been there for 15 years and nothing like this has ever happened. We are hoping my son's renters insurance will cover some of the loss. <-Crossing fingers->
He got another window, him and his Dad are outside now putting it in.

When he came in to call us he knew his Dad was at work and I was sleeping. So he called his Aunt Linda who works nights as a driver and can always answer her phone. He told her the story and said to her 'Aunt Linda they stole my Tom-tom.' Her response was 'Oh man, not your Tom-tom.' Later on in the day she called me 'What in the heck IS a Tom-tom? He made it sound so important and I didn't want to seem dumb, so I just tried to be as supportive as possible, figured I would ask you later." --We've been laughing over that one all day. :)


jo said...

Oh my gosh, I am SOOO sorry that happened to your son. That's scary, infuriating and frustrating. I'm sorry they hit others, too, but it is a relief to know he wasn't singled out.

I hope they find who did it.

NewVision said...

Thanks Jo,
I'm sure his stuff is LONG gone. I guess we can just count our lucky stars it wasn't worse and chalk it up as a learning experience.
He is home, safe and sound. I keep telling him, Stuff is just stuff.
Thanks for caring. :)

P.S. It seems funny to call you Jo. In case you haven't read back my name is also Jo :)

jo said...

lol about Aunt Linda and the Tom Tom.

I'm glad he's safe and sound. You are so right, it's just stuff...yet you still come away feeling violated.

My car was broken into 20 years ago and it just was an icky feeling. My husband saw the silver lining in that, as they stole all my Kenny Rogers tapes. We later found them in the alley destroyed, tape pulled out and ripped. DH thought that part was hilarious as he wasn't a Kenny fan. ;-)

Jo--it's a great name! lol

Harry said...

Oy! The world can be a really lousy place at times. My niece, who is also a financially-strapped college student, had her car broken into recently as well. My brother-in-law is the record holder in the family. It's happened to him several times!

I'm happy to know that your son is at least okay. :-)

NewVision said...

:) Thanks