05-06-09 Wednesday

B-2 coffee HC CO

L-2 polish sausage
2 slices LC Healthy Life bread
1 coffee -black

D-1 grilled pork steak w/ catchup
1/3 bag medley veggies w/cheese whiz
3 hot dogs grilled
3/4 polish sausage grilled

SN-dark grapes
2 SF cough drops
1 hershey bar


Started feeling very weepy again today. No reason, nothing has happened. I'm not sad. Just feel like crying. I was also very tired all day.

The only AS I had today was in the 2 cough drops.


Vadim said...

Hey, sorry to hear that. Remember my theory? I am telling you imagine a fat baby looking like me tickling you all over your body and lauphing hysterically, it will help you. Whats up with hershey bar? I have been feeling very unwell lately but I am close to figuring it all out. Stay positive and lauph even when you feel like crying. Or how about openbing a bottle of nice red wine and grabbing a good, warm old-fashioned comedy?

NewVision said...

Thanks Vadim,
Yep, you called me out on the Hershey bar. If you looked back through my blog, you'll see that's not the worse thing I've eaten lately. It's not been pretty.

I just can't seem to get through these feelings. I keep trying to get back on track only to fail again. I'm not giving up on myself or the blog, which has differently not been LC lately. <..sigh...>

I'm glad you are close to figuring it out. Please share the secret when you do. :)