05-04-09 Monday

B-2 coffee HC CO -2 AS each

L-1 bowl chili
1 hotdog (no bun)

D-1 plate higher fiber pasta
w/hamburger, onion, green peppers, cheese, tomato juice

SN-chex snack mix
1 bowl corn flakes w/milk


This Swine (H1N1) flu is really scary. They are telling us all to prepare for the worse and hope for the best. I went saturday to get my pantry stocked up (just in case) I went with my sister, who is, if I haven't told you all, she IS the 'Coupon Queen'. She clips coupons trades them online, follows all the ads, follows all the double and triple coupon days. Have I said yet that she IS the Coupon Queen? It's hard to pass up even pasta when you are getting it for 10 to 50 cents a box. I don't mean little boxes of mac and cheese here. The big boxes of Rigatoni and Penne Rigate. Cereal for 50 cents a box. Spaghetti sauce 30 cents a jar. We got Splenda for 25 cents a box. We ended up getting 130 dollars worth of food for 50 bucks and this wasn't even one of her good days. I've seen times when we paid 20 dollars for 200 dollars worth of food.

Anyway, I feel better that my pantry is full, just in case. I did try my best to get as much lower carb stuff as possible and I passed up some really good bargains just because I knew I couldn't have it in the house. I did pick up some pasta and cereal for the boys. But now I have a bunch of carbs in the house again. Please don't think I'm being ungrateful here. I'm soooooo glad she could help me out this way. It's just a double edge sword. I'm planning on keeping it as out of site and hard to get to as possible. Fix dinner on Sundays for the boys and pack it up and send it home with them. Replace those items with more Carb friendly things. I've told my sis to always be on the look out for good LC deals.

I gave the boys the lecture on keeping hands sanitized. Staying away from anyone who appears sick. I gave them pocket hand sanitizers and refills. Told them to not touch there eyes, nose or mouth areas. Stay away from the 'T' zone. Always keep their gas tank as full as possible and money in their pockets (in case they needed to head home). I got them some supplies in case they do become ill.

So I think we are set. I will be following closely to see what happens. I hope you all are getting prepared. This strain of the swine (H1N1) seems to be mild. But remember that all pandemics start out mild. Please prepare.

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