04-13-09 Monday

Even the squirrels are fat around here!!!!

B-2 coffee HC CO
1 sausage patty

L-2 hotdogs w/ 1 carb catchup
2 LC Healthy life toast w/butter

SN- 1 beef and cheese stick

D- 5 oz ground hamburger
onion, tomato, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, salsa
1 1/2 LC Healthy life hamburger buns (made like garlic bread)w/butter & garlic

SN-1 oz walnuts
6 saltines w/butter


Still have not resumed my walking. This week will be rough as well. I will get back into the groove with that too.


Harry said...

Nice looking menu, Jo!

Way to bounce back! :-)

Harry said...

BTW, have you ever met an angry squirrel? We used to have some of those at our old house. They lived in a palm tree in our back yard. Frightening! :-)

Erika said...


Did you take that pic of the squirrel yourself?

sybil said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog - I've been trying really hard on this Dr. K plan - I figure I really need to give it a good shot if I want to find out if it works or not. So far, so good with the 'following' part!

I keep thinking it's a lot of fat but then if I compare it to the SAD, it's probably not so bad....and all the 'experts' are saying sat fat isn't bad....what's a girl to do?

NewVision said...

Yes a matter of fact I have meant angry squirrels,we have some living in our Hickory nut tree in the back yard. Our dog Roxy has a love-hate relationship going on with them. She hates them, but LOVES to chase them. LOL They scurry up the tree and turn around and bark back at her. If she could climb trees they would be in trouble. :)

No, I didn't take that picture myself. I wouldn't dare get that close to our squirrels. They would probably bite our fingers off just to get back at us for turning the dog loose. :)

I know what you mean by being confused. I work with a bunch of nutritionist who are all really down on fat and up on carbs. They think it's just terrible that I'm on a Low Carb Diet. You would think I committing a mortal sin. :)
I guess we just keep trying to follow are own body signals. Tune out the nae sayers. Your doing great!