03-11-09 Wednesday

B-1 coffee HC CO AS (only 1)[2.6]

L-salad w/lettuce, cheese, cukes, celery, ranch [4]

D-7 oz chuck steak w/1 carb catchup [2]
1 can green beans w/1 carb catchup [8]

SN-1 sf toffee sq [7.6]
1 LC English muffin w.cream cheese, jelly [21]


total net carbs =[45.2]

No walk today.

Hunger was more under control today. Thank goodness!!!

No soda pop today. I usually have 2 or 3 a day at work, then switch to SF lemon tea when I get home. No Tea today either. 1 coffee and water only. I'm not sure I can continue this, just thought I would try and see what happens.

Running on very little sleep. I haven't slept well since Friday night. Ugh!!!!!!
I've been taking melatonin. I don't know why I go thru these times. Nothing on my mind, no reason for it. Usually when I lose sleep my mood plummets, I'm still ok there. I'm going to bed early tonight. Wish me luck.


Harry said...

I hope you sleep better tonight, Jo.

I'm happy to hear that the hunger was more manageable today.

Is your room completely dark at night? The past few nights we've been covering our cable box - as it gives off a bluish tinted light. I'm not sure if that's what's helping but I've been sleeping a little better since that change.

Stay strong! :-)

NewVision said...

Since Hubby is working nights right now I usually leave the living room lamp light on and it does shine into our bedroom. Maybe that's it. But I'm sure if I didn't have it on, that might be worse. LOL I'm chicken.
We have Roxy here, she may lick a prowler to death. Most of the time she will wrap up in her blanket and doesn't even hear Hubby come home in the wee hours of the morning....Some watch dog huh???