03-01-2009 Sunday

B-no coffee today......taking an antibiotic and I can't have dairy at the same time. Boo-Hoo!!!!!!
So I'm having diet coke for breakfast....Boo Hoo!!!!

L-2 hot dogs
w/ LC Healthy Life bread
mustard, 1 carb catchup, pickles
1 sm bag combos

D-3 egg -yolks only
4 LC Healthy life toast w/butter
5 strips bacon
SF Tang/2 T flax seed

SN-1 SF ice cream bar

WT=241 ---> Ok, I've been doing this long enough now to know that one bad day can not ruin, in my case, weeks of hard work. It's just water gain from the extra carbs. So I'm going to delay smashing the scales for this morning and give it a few days to redeem itself.

No walk today either. It's cold out with an 8 degrees wind chill. I actually went out to take the walk and came right back in. I'm a wimp! Snow is falling but none really sticking. Winter is hanging on with a powerful grip. While it was a beautiful scene, I'm more than ready for spring to arrive. I should just jump on the treadmill, but me and Ol' Weslo (the treadmill) doesn't get along too well. I hate him actually. He tries to buck me off every time I get on him. That's his lil way of telling me I'm too fat and that I hurt his back. I've threaten to throw him out in the garage many times, but something keeps me hanging on to him. Believe me it sure isn't his looks. He doesn't go with any of my decor. :)


Harry said...

I wonder if there's some other form of exercise you can do indoors? Maybe a stationary bike a jump rope?

When I saw the egg yolks and bread listed for dinner, it made me think of a childhood favorite of mine. Have you ever heard of a "Camel's Eye"?

If not, here's what it is:

You cut a circular hole in the center of a piece of bread. Then, you put some butter in a hot pan and brown the bread (the holeless part and the center piece). Next, you crack an egg in the center hole. You flip it over once, to brown both sides. Add some salt & pepper and that's it!

The idea is to cook it only to where the yolk is still soft. That way, it'll "run" when you slice it. The toasty bread makes for a great mopping medium.

I haven't had one for years. But it's doable on an LC diet. Maybe I'll give it try sometime and relive some long-lost memories. :)

Vadim said...

lol, that treadmil! Keep at at Jo, you have been doing good with your resolve.

NewVision said...

I do know what a 'camel's eye' is, although we didn't call them that. I use to take a heart shaped cookie cutter and cut the hole in the middle for my son when he was little. LOL, wonder if he remembers that? I haven't cooked him any 'heart toast' for awhile, think I'll do that next time he comes home...LOL

Thanks, your doing pretty well with the steps too. Step'in to a healthier us. :)