02-16-2009 Monday - Home today

B-2 coffee HC CO AS (only one w/CO)

L-1 slice meatloaf
1 c buttermilk
5 pork rinds/1 oz cheese

D-1 breakfast sausage patty
4 oz Polish sauage
3 scrambled eggs w/ 1/2 T heavy cream & cooked in meat grease
SF Tang/2 T flax seed

SN- 1 slice LC chocolate cheese cake


Week Summery: I haven't had any LC Healthy Life bread in a full week. I have cut down my CO, only having it in 1 cup of coffee for a full week. I walked 4 times this week with a total of 191 minutes. (today's walk not included in this total) I had my carb up day on Friday. I added Flax seed meal to my WOEing on 1/29/09. Result =? I think I will have to give it a little more time. I will keep trying to better my WOEing.

When I look back at my weigh in totals, I've been losing, but VERY slowly. It gets discouraging sometimes. I know a lot of it has to do with the diabetic medicine and insulin that I take (everyone of them has the side affect of weight gain). I'm trying to remain positive. Before I would have just thrown in the towel. But what are the alternatives for me? There are none. I know I have to follow this WOEing for my diabetes. If nothing else, it helps to control that. If I threw in the towel I would just start gaining again. I don't want that.

I have kept a food diary for 6 months. I've never kept one for that long before. I've been blogging my menus for almost 3 months now. When I first started blogging I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep up with it. I have to say now, I'm ADDICTED. (I will have to start going to meetings before long..LOL) But really, I'm sooooo determined to make it work this time and for the rest of my life. I know there will be days when I can't hang on, BUT I WILL NOT QUIT!!!!!!! I know you have heard others say this, but it's not just a diet for me now, it's my Way Of Life./Way Of Eating. I do look forward to my day's off. I know some don't agree with that approach. That's ok. It might even be the reason for my SLOW loss. But it has given me that goal/reward to look forward to. Maybe someday I won't need it. Who knows? But for now, I'm here to stay........

Walked 43 minutes today.

P.S. the picture just made me smile. So I posted it.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen my rollercoaster of weight loss? UG! You have to remain positive because I have to remain positive. You have to do what works for you and tweak your woe as needed for your body.
On the side, where do you find SF tang? I have looked high and low and can't find any!... and I am totally addicted to blogging too.

Harry said...


Scale be darned (excuse my French)! You're doing a lot of really good things! Be proud of that!

I demand the right to give you a "high five", a pat on the back and I may even throw in some hooting and hollering! :)

You're putting in the work. That's the most important thing. Now, it's just a matter of tinkering with the details. It's a process of elimination and I'm convinced it will eventually yield results.

Keep on staying positive. Your attitude and your instincts are on point. Another great building block in your foundation.

bayoubabe said...

Every pound lost is a pound LESS. Just remember that. I made some low carb meatloaf over the weekend in my crock pot, it turned out SO good ! How did you make your meatloaf. ?

NewVision said...

If you go HERE or here if the link doesn't work -> http://productlocator.kraftfoods.com/kraftfoods/productlocator.htm
You can type beverage, tang, then sugar free tang, your zip code, it will tell you the stores by you where you can find it. Thanks for stopping by and the encouragement. :)

Thanks, your great. Thanks for all the support you give. 'high five' right back at ya. :)

I make my meat loaf with my old recipe and substitute the crackers with some pork rinds. The rest is just lil onion, lil green peppers, 1 carb catchup, few spices and eggs. So nothing fancy. But it's good. I've been using the BBQ pork rinds lately, taste good that way.
How did you make yours in the crock pot?

Thanks for your support.

You guys are the greatest. Thank you all for all the support you give. REALLY! it means more than you know.

bayoubabe said...

I used the regular meatlof stuff, eggs, etc. I used four slices of low carb bread with the ends cut off, put it on low four 6 hours .. on the lat hour, I added about 1/2 cup low carb catsup to the top. and put it back on low for another hour. Its So interesting to see how people cook. Thanks for sharing your recipe :)

NewVision said...

Thanks, I'm not sure I could do that with my crock pot, it burns things that aren't liquidy. When I put my meatballs in it (already cooked), I have to watch it real close...

New Crock pot is on my list of things to get.

Thanks for sharing.

4athomej said...

Determination is the exactly what it takes and exactly what you have...I say way to go!!! That scale will move...it doesn't have a choice...lol:)