02-14-2009 Saturday

B-2 coffee HC CO AS (only one w/CO)

L-1 oz pork rinds / 1 oz cheese
1 c tomato juice/2 T flax seed

D-Local Moose Lodge Restaurant
8 oz Ribeye
Small potato w/ butter, sour cream
small salad w/ ranch, 4 grape tomatoes, cheese

SN-1 hot dog
1 beef stick
1/2 c milk / 6 ritz w butter


Sleep= 3 (range 0-10)
I have a cold - too stuffy to sleep

Mood= 6 (range 0-10)

Happy Valentines Day EVERYONE!!!!
Going out dancing tonight with Hubby and 9 or 10 other couples. I've been looking forward to it. My 2 sisters and 2 brothers will be there with their mates, Son is going with his girlfriend, My best friend (Since we were 8 yrs old) and her hubby will be there. A cousin with her hubby. My niece and her boyfriend. A few other friends will also be there. So, around 20 people ( + -) Should be a good time. It's a steak dinner and a dance afterward. So I should be able to work off some of those carbs I ate yesterday.

Walked for 1 hour and 16 minutes today (rental place and back). It was one cold walk.

We had a great time tonight.


Vadim said...

Hey Jo, Happy Love Day! I too have a bad cold! I believe that God invented constipation and colds so we could take a moment and look at our bodies differently. I always claimed that relieving constipation is more orgasmic than anything I have ever felt. My cold is so bad right now that even typing hurts my eardrums! I am full of something not pleasant! Hope you feel better and dance a night and a cold away!

Harry said...

Your V-Night plans sound like a lot of fun, Jo! Enjoy!

Good job getting back on track today. I wondered how you'd manage the transition back. The answer: Fantastically! :)

BTW, I started incorporating flax seed meal into my daily routine today. Thanks again for the suggestion. :)

Harry said...

Oh! And I hope you feel better!

Take extra good care of yourself.

PS - Good job on the walking!

NewVision said...

Hey Vadim,
Thank you. I unfortunately didn't dance that cold away, it's still hanging on. But hopefully this is the end of it and not just the beginning. Hope you feel better this morning.

I'm soooooo glad you added flax seed into your diet. I was with my brother last night and it just amazes me that his heart is better now than 5 years ago. We are all so blessed.

It was really easy getting back on track this time. We just went back to doing what we always do. To be honest it felt funny going off. Maybe I am changing after all. Here is hoping so.

Thanks for stopping by guys and I hope your Valentines day was great.