02-11-2009 Wednesday

B-2 coffee HC CO AS (only 1 with CO)

L-6 Ritz/ 1 oz cheese
1/2 big pickle

D-1 bowl taco (6 oz hamburger, lettuce, onion, tomato, sour cream, cheese, salsa)
SF Tang/2 T flax seed

SN- 1 c milk
6 ritz w/butter

WT= 240

Sleep= 6 (range 0-10)
Took 1/4 of a melatonin. Slept about 4 good hours, tossed and turned the rest.

Mood= 9 (range 0-10)

I took another walk today at lunch time. 30 minutes. It was raining and cold. By the time I was 10 minutes into it I wanted to turn back. But I kept going. The umbrella kept turning inside out on me and it wasn't really protecting the bottom half of me anyway. When I got back to work I had to go blow dry my bottom half. LOL Anyway I did it.

I've been reading the book 'The Secret'. I read it last year, but at the time my Mom had just passed away from lung cancer and I was desperately trying to find something to hold my head above the dark depression that threaten to swallow me. I think it got me through that tough time, but not a lot of it sunk in. So I'm rereading it.

If you have never read it, it's about really the power of positive thinking/grateful thinking. The Secret teaches us that we create our lives, with every thought every minute of every day. It offers tools and ideas to help you live The Secret and create the life of your dreams. It talks about the power of attraction and how if your thinking negative thoughts you will attract negative things to you. Believing it and it is so. Seeing yourself have the life you want and getting it. I really believe it has helped me.
Really your life is what you make it to be.

30 minutes at work


bayoubabe said...

Sounds like a great book ! Ever read "The Shack" ? Its quite a great book , on the best seller list. I'd love to see that wet bottom half of yours also.. oh wait, this is PG ?? or is it LOL :P

pooti said...

BB - Mom and I are reading The Shack right now!!!

New Vision - :hugs: I'm so sorry for your loss of your Mom. What a small world it is that we are brought together. I don't believe in coincidence! :hugs: I know and want to proclaim to you that this life is infinitesimally short. The time we are separated from those we love is like a blink of the eye in God's timing before we are reunited with our dealy departed.

I haven't read The Secret but have heard great things about it! It may be next on our list!

NewVision said...

I just read the foreward to "The Shack" HERE All I have to say is I WILL be buying that book very soon. Thanks for that tip bayoubabe.

I don't believe in accidents or coincidences either. I believe everything happens for a reason(sometimes that's a little hard to swallow). Hang in there and thanks for stopping by. I drop over on your lil blog all the time even though I don't always comment.

You girls have a great day!

4athomej said...

We went from food to books...gotta like that...Have seen both but haven't read either...I'm reading 'Diary of a fat housewife' I tripped over it at the second hand store, I think it jumped off the shelf just for me...it is a really good read.

NewVision said...

Hey, welcome to my blog.

I knew the secret was made into a movie, but didn't know 'The Shack' was. Thanks for the tip.

Let me know how your book turns out, I may have to look for it too. I've been in a reading mood lately. :)