02-06-2009 Friday

B-2 coffee HC CO AS
SF Tang/2 T flax seed
2 hot dogs w/ 1 carb catchup

L- Hardee's Restaurant
LC Thick burger wrapped in lettuce
1 oz cheese 4 ritz

D-Local Restaurant
6 oz steak w/ catchup
small salad w/ lettuce, 2 tomato wedge, 4 cuke slices, cheese, 1/2 egg, bacon, ranch
3 crap rangoons, 1/2 banana



Sleep= 5(range 0-10)
Can't seem to sleep more than a half hour to an hour and half (+-) at a time. I don't think I'm getting that deep sleep I desperately need.

Mood= 9(range 0-10)
I decided I was NOT going to be down today. I was NOT going to be tired. I was going to be cheerful and happy and I was. I am what I create. So in that same light, I will sleep tonight. I will have a FULL nights sleep.

Sorry, I'm sure you guys are tired of hearing me harp about not sleeping. Sleep isn't an issue in your life unless your not getting any.


Harry said...

Great attitude, Jo! :)

As far as your sleep goes ... you should talk about it and think about it all you want. This is your journal!

I'm certain that you'll figure out ways to improve your sleep quality. The day will come when you sleep well on a consistent basis. Just keep at it!

Vadim said...

You should express your feelings freely! This is why we are here for you. Its not easy, but I have no doubt you will get there. You are trying, thats what counts the most. Have you tried meditation? May be buy a CD with soothing nature sounds.