01-13-09 Tuesday *

B-( 7:30 am)-1 cup coffee half/half CO 2 AS (141 cals / 3 carbs)

L-(12pm)- 1 slim Jim Beef n cheese stick (150 cals / 3 carbs)
1 Dannon Carb Yogurt (60 cals / 3 carbs)

SN- (2pm) low blood sugar ate 2 Ritz peanut butter crackers (67 cals / 7 carbs)

SN- (4pm) still not feeling well ate 2 more Ritz peanut butter crackers (67 cals / 7 carbs)

D- (6pm) - 6 oz hamburger meat ( 432 cals /0 carbs)
1 T sour cream (30 cals / .5 carbs),
1 T salsa (10 cals / 1 carb),
lettuce( 4 cals/ .5 carbs),
6 cherry tomatoes (9 cals /1.3 carbs),
1 T. chopped onion (5 cals / 1 carbs),
1 oz cheese ( 80 cals / 3 carbs)

SN- (9pm) 1 oz walnuts (186 cals / 2 carbs)

Total calories = 1241
Total net carbs= 29.3

Wt= 244

Tip of the day:
Take your focus away from your 'failures' and focus on your 'successes'.


Harry said...

Good day, NewVision.

I'm sorry if I missed it, but did you see your doctor yet about the blood sugar fluctuations and your fainting spell?

Is your blood sugar control improving, staying the same or getting more erratic?

I'll share a small success with you today. I had to take care of a technical chore: setting up a new DVD player/recorder and dub (duplicate) an old VHS tape.

I get really nervous doing such things. I often find the oddest ways of screwing things up - when dealing with electronics.

Anyhow, I did have some problems. I thought I was defeated but I didn't give up. You see, this project was for my wife and I didn't want to let her down.

Long story short, I figured out the problem and finished the task. The process was messy and stressful but I accomplished my goal. A success, in my book!

I look forward to reading about some of your successes as well!

NewVision said...

Great Job Harry!
That is a success in my book as well. I'm lucky enough to have a son who is very electronic savvy. I'm not sure where he gets it from but I'm glad he has it none the less. :)

No, you didn't miss the post, I didn't post about it. I did see the doctor. She wanted to run a bunch of test and I opted to wait and see. I have not had another episode since then (and I'm hoping it was an isolated case) But without running test, she can not really say for sure what it could have been. Even if she did run the test there is no guarantee it would show what happened that day. I'm watching my blood glucose closer than ever before and it is more stable. I do still have days when it goes low, but I keep something with me at ALL times. Thanks for asking.
Oh' and by the way I love the picture. ;)