01-07-09 Wednesday *

B- 2 coffee HC CO AS (382 cal /5.2 carbs)

L- 1 oz Turkey sticks (60 cals/ 0 carbs)
1/2 oz cheddar cheese (51 cals / .5 carbs)

D- 3 egg yolks only (164 cals /1.8 carb)
6 slices bacon (162 cals/ 0 carbs)
2 hot dogs w/ one carb catchup (230 cals /3 carbs)
4 slices LC Healthy life toast w/country crock (70 cals / 12 carbs)

SN-2 oz walnuts (371 cals / 4 carbs)
4 T half/half (70 cals /2 carbs), 6 oz water, 1 T cocoa (15 cals/0 carbs), 2 T heavy whipping cream whipped (100 cals / 0 carb), 2 AS (0 cals/0 carbs), 1 t. CO (43 cals/ 0 carbs)

Total net carbs = 28.5
Total cals = 1718

WT=Didn't get on the scale (had some bad weather come in, so I had to get going on the road)

Still having the cocoa (hot chocolate). I LOVE having this at night. Tonight I tried adding in a lil CO in it. It didn't give the great taste it does with my morning coffee. I'm addicted to it in the coffee. But, I think the cocoa covered up the coconut taste. I usually get at least 2 T. CO a day if not more. It really satisfies me, so I can go without breakfast. Like today, I wasn't even hungry at lunch time. I ate my 'lunch' about 2pm. That little bit I did eat took me until 6pm when I got home. So, I thought maybe if I added a lil CO at night it would help me get through my nightly hunger/ munchies. I feel really full and satisfied after my hot chocolate tonight. So we will see how it goes.


Vadim said...

Good to be back! I read your blogs, you are are keeping your food at low carb bay! Nice work!

NewVision said...

Thanks Vadim,
I'm so glad you are back. I really missed you. I hope you can get back on the low carb track. Please take good care of yourself.

Harry said...

Good day, NewVision.

Please let us know how the coconut oil (at night) goes. Nighttime hunger is one of the tough spots for many of us!

Keep up the good work!

Erika said...

Good thinking! Let us know how it goes. I might copy your idea ... if that's ok with you of course ;)

Great menu and you're doing very well!