12-27-08 Saturday

B- 2 c coffee HC CO AS
3 eggs scrambled
4 oz polish sausage
2 LC Healthy Life toast w/country crock

L- 3 saltines
3 walnuts in shells

D-Ryan's Steak house Restaurant
salad w/lettuce, spinach, egg, bacon, ham, cukes, tomatoes, cheese, ranch(-only ate 3/4 of it)
2 pickle spears
6 oz sirloin steak, 20 shrimp, catchup, 1 bocolli sprig w/butter & sour cream, 1" polish

SN-(1 a.m. low sugar* -1 oz chips, 4 mini pretzels covered in chocolate)

WT= got busy and forgot


bayoubabe said...

Your 'Healthy LIfe Toast" sounds interesting. Is it a name brand bread, or something you came up with ?

Keep up the great work.


NewVision said...


here is the link to it...sorry I usally link it up when I add it to my menu

NewVision said...

ok, I linked it up for ya....just click on the word.

bayoubabe said...

thanks !