12-23-08 Tuesday

B- 1- 1/2 c coffee HC CO AS

L- 2 oz summer sausage
2 oz cheddar cheese
4 ritz
1 sugar cookie

D- 1 cup Spaghetti Squash w/ meat sauce
1 oz walnuts

SN-2 LC Healthy life toast w/country crock
4 sausage links

WT- 246
I just found out that our Holiday get together on Christmas Eve. has been canceled due to scheduling issues. Ok, how sad is it that I looked up in the sky and THANKED GOD!! I did not think I would pull through it without eating a bunch of stuff I should NOT be eating. I'm weak right now, I can feel it. Isn't it sad that I would rather not be around people because I ALSO have to be around the food that I shouldn't have?
I know, I know I should be able to separate the two. I can't or at least up til now I haven't been able to. I hope to figure this out in the future and not worry about the food and concentrate on the people.
Sounds just like an alcoholic going to his work Christmas party at a the local bar doesn't it?
I know alcoholics feel they won't have as good a time if they can't drink, I feel the same way about eating. Gee, maybe I should be looking up over eaters anonymous. For Thanksgiving I just took the 2 days off plan. That way I wouldn't have the stress of worrying about it. That's also why I chose to take off the one meal for Christmas Day and for New Years Day. It has taken some of the stress off. The only time I was worried about was Christmas Eve and now its canceled.

Sad isn't it, that I would feel that way?


Vadim said...

What were you looking forward to eating? Is it any particular food that you cant say no or is it just carbs in general?

NewVision said...

I guess just carbs in general. If they are in front of me I have a hard time not wanting them. Sounds really weak doesn't it. LOL I'm having a weak time right, I guess it is the time of the year.

Lynn said...

I have the same problem. I turned down high-carb foods at a church social recently and it felt lousy. I also noticed that the one guy in the group who lost tons of weight eating low carb because he was told he had diabetes-he eats everything there. He simply enjoys these feastings when they happen and the rest of the time, he eats pretty low carb and exercises. I'm starting to wonder if that maybe IS the correct approach. Two possible problems: 1-getting RIGHT back on track the next day,and 2-HOW OFTEN to allow the feastings?
I actually thot also of stopping going to my caregroup to avoid the times when someone brings cake, potluck, etc. It's a problem. Do we have to become hermits to avoid temptations?

NewVision said...

"Do we have to become hermits to avoid temptations?"

THAT is EXACTLY how I feel....LOL... Thats funny, but its really not..!!

I've been pondering this myself Lynn. I usually don't have too much of a problem going back on because if I'm off too long my joints start to tell me about it. I know that Jimmy Moore use to have scheduled off MEALS every 6 to 8 weeks. It worked for him... Something to think about for sure.

Erika said...

It's not sad at all, if anything I really think it shows inner awareness. You are concious of how you react to particular situations, and although you haven't found the solution yet, you are working on it. I think it's actually very admirable!

We'll get to that solution that works for you too. Together. :)